Meat selection

Food quality and safety

Meat selection

Best raw material

The starting point for our sausages is the selection of the best meats. Our commitment to food safety means that we work with reliable suppliers, who provide us with meats of excellent quality.

In addition, we exercise rigorous control over the reception of the meat and carry out an exhaustive follow-up to guarantee its origin. In this way, we can offer our customers a top quality end product.

Integral control

Production control

Quality: At Comsalser SA we define rigorously and strictly the characteristics that our products must meet. Our team devotes constant attention to supervise meat processing and ensure that the quality standards are met.

Food safety and security: We work under the IFS Food (International Food Standard) quality certification, which guarantees our commitment to food safety in all production processes. We attach great importance to food safety, since it allows us to offer our customers the degree of confidence they deserve in our products and their quality. The internationally recognized IFS Food safety system, together with the SAE certification (Specific Self-Control System for Exports), allows us to promote the projection of our products in new markets.

Our guarantee

Service guarantee

At Comsalser SA we want to offer our customers the maximum guarantees in all our services. With this intention, we prepare our orders with great care and ensure that they reach our customers in optimum conditions.

Likewise, our Customer Service Department is at your disposal for any doubt, indication or suggestion.

A COMSALSER, S.A. se li ha concedit una ajuda pel seu projecte “Pla de millora de les instal·lacions productives de Comsalser”, dins del programa d’ajudes per Inversiones relatives a la transformació i comercialització d’aliments, una actuació del Programa de Desenvolupament Rural de Catalunya 2014-2020 cofinançada pel fons Europeu Agrícola de Desenvolupament Rural: Europa inverteix en les zones rurals i cofinançada també por el Departament d’Agricultura Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació de la Generalitat de Catalunya.