A hidden

Beneath one of the most arid and barren ecosystems on Earth, the Atacama Desert in Chile, lies a subterranean sea that formed more than a million years ago. The water in this sea, which is pumped up to 70 metres deep, is naturally rich in minerals.

A unique salt
in the world

Once extracted, the water evaporates in ponds exposed to the scorching rays of the desert sun. During the process, a natural chemical reaction takes place that allows to obtain a grain of salt unique in the world: reduced in sodium, with a high percentage of potassium and with the same flavor, aspect and yield that a common sea salt of good quality. This exceptional grain of salt is what we use in our somalla.

Less sodium, more potassium

As a general rule, the salts obtained by evaporation of seawater contain 86% sodium chloride and traces of other trace elements, such as potassium, iodine or manganese. The salt extracted from the subterranean sea of ​​the Atacama desert naturally contains 35% less sodium. In addition, its percentage of potassium, a vital nutrient that regulates the proper functioning of the body, is much higher than that of a conventional salt: 30%.

The objective of the OMS

High sodium intake contributes to high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. WHO member states have launched campaigns to reduce sodium intake in the population with the aim of achieving a 30% reduction by 2025. It is highly recommended for health, therefore, to replace conventional salt with low sodium salt extracted from the Atacama Desert. The salt from the Chilean desert with which the Avi Serra somalla is made is low in sodium and a natural source of potassium, which increases the nutritional quality of the product.